Tangerine Peel Powder 3x3g

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Ready to use in cooking & baking. Free from preservatives.

Enjoy the unique aroma and special flavor of the Chios tangerine, all year long, easily, in your kitchen.

Freeze-drying (or lyophilization) is a method of dehydration under conditions of low
pressure & temperature. With this procedure, the nutritional ingredients and taste
remain unchanged, while the shelf life of the product increases without the addition of preservatives and it does no longer require storage in the refrigerator.

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Ingredients: 100% tangerine peel powder.
Allergen advice:
No allergens contained.
Each sachet (3g) corresponds to 15g zest of fresh tangerine.

Suggested use:
Enrich the flavor and aroma of your creations while cooking and baking by adding 1 sachet (3g). Alternatively, use it as a topping on your beverages, desserts or even your breakfast.

Use 3 sachets (3 x 3g) per:

250g flour for cakes & bakery products.
300g icing sugar for glaze.
1L milk for ice-cream & creams.

Gluten Free, Sugar Free, High in fibre, No added salt, VEGAN, Greek Product






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