MEDITERRA_mastihashop is pleased to announce its award in the annual Healthy Food & Beverage Awards 2024 | Bio Food Awards 2024, in the Technology Innovation category. The company received the first prize in the category of Technological Innovation of the Cultura Mediterra freeze-drying product line.


Freeze drying is the method ofdehydrating products under conditions of low pressure and temperature. Withthis procedure, the nutritional components and the flavor of the ingredientsremain unchanged, while the shelf life of the products dramatically increases, as there is no longer a need for storage and transport with refrigerator. The products have up to 80% less volume & weight while for their reconstitution only the water that hasbeen removed is required for their reconstitution.

The goldendistinction rewards the company's commitment to new technologies andinnovative production methods that aim, in the medium term, to change its production footprint.


The award ceremony was held on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at the Radisson Blu Park Hotel by BOUSSIAS events. The awards are the evolution of the Healthy Diet Awards, where for 4 consecutive years, highlighted and rewarded excellence and innovation inproducts and services promoting balanced and healthy diet in Greece. More than150 high-ranking business executives, representatives of Institutions,Universities, Professionals as well as members of the press, attended theceremony, honoring and applauding the quality of the 31 award-winning nominations.