The idea of creating mastihashop stores

After centuries of traveling to the largest commercial centers of the Eastern Mediterranean and always enticing with its variety of usability, mastiha acquired a new identity and was introduced to a public with ecological concerns and a sensitive contemplation of the everyday. Starting from Chios, the global and exclusive homeland of mastiha, the mastihashops revived old ones and created new collaborations by bringing products from all the countries mastiha had travelled, goods of cultures with a history lost in the depths of the centuries. The mastihashops, a genuine creation of mastiha people, highlighted its healing and beautifying properties, its versatility and its transnationality. Expressing the living and eternal amalgam of cultures and peoples, mastihashops have managed to convert new believers and take them on a mental journey to the East, bringing in their baggage series of delectable recipes combined with aromas, images and music of the Mediterranean. Taking into account the special characteristics of mastiha and the modern consumer trends and habits in combination with the historical path of the product from classical antiquity to today, the establishment of mastihashop stores always aimed to utilize and strengthen the product's dynamics.



  • July 2002 : 1st mastihashop in Greece
  • January 2005 : Distributor of Chios Mastiha in Greece
  • June 2005 : Attica Ventures shareholder of Mediterra S.A.
  • March 2006 : Voted as one of the 15 most innovative companies in Greece.
  • September 2006 : 1st mastihashop abroad
  • December 2006 : TSAKOS Shipping Group shareholder of Mediterra S.A.
  • January 2007 : Establishment of the production unit in Chios
  • February 2008 : Chrisos Helios in the superbrands 2008
  • February 2008 : List in the Athens stock market
  • September 2011 : Distributor of mastiha chewing gum (ELMA)
  • April 2011 : establishment of the first new concept store Pantopolio
  • October 2016 : Co-founding Mastiha Damla Sakiz company in Turkey
  • December 2017 : Co-founding Mastiha Research Center in Chios island